About Ginger

Fashion has always been my first love (next to Michael Jackson).  I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t yearning for all of the latest fashion trends.

As a child I was always wearing my mother’s clothes and trying to walk around in her high heels, impatiently wondering when I would be big enough to wear them.  I would sit with my Barbie’s and dress and undress them.  I didn’t play “dolls” with my Barbie’s, I played Runway.  I would mix and match her outfits, do her hair, pick out a pair of shoes and then show her off before changing her all over again.

I am currently a first year Public Relations student.  My dream is to graduate in three years and land the job that I’ve dreamed about since I was that little girl playing with Barbie’s.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed (and maybe my toes too) and continue to keep the dream alive by staying true to myself and my love for fashion.

Will you stay with me for the ride?


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