Miu Miu

Miu Miu | Vanity Fair March 2011

Her whole body tells a story.

She’s a dancer…class has just ended…she’s the last one to leave class: again.  She’s annoyed, someone else has entered the room; someone who she was hoping to avoid.  She panics and grips the handle of her bag a little tighter.  Anger and frustration begin to take over, she just wants to leave but she’s frozen in fear.

This photo made me think of the Black Swan when Nina is practicing alone in the studio and she fears that she is not alone.

The ad is beautiful and enticing.  I covered her half of her face to see if it matched the profile shot on the opposite page.  The images seem to be identical but the faces don’t quite match up.  I looked at every detail of the hands, the bag, the legs; everything matches but the faces.  Take a look yourself to see what I mean.

The photos are captivating and the fashion and accessories are exquisite works of art.  Miu Miu never fails to create a beautiful, always feminine silhouette.

Thank you Miu Miu for sparking my senses!

Music of the moment: 009 Sound System | “Born to be Wasted”
Designer Brand: MIU MIU
Photographer: Mert and Marcus
Campaign: Spring/Summer 2011
Model: Kasia Struss
Website: http://www.miumiu.com/
*See Miu Miu’s website to see all the 2011 Campaign photos also featuring Sasha Pivovarova and Querelle Jansen.

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